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Remote Desktop Control

Program displays the remote PC’s desktop on the screen of your local PC, and allows you to control that computer remotely using your own mouse and keyboard.


File Transfer

Easily transfer files between the local and remote PCs. Supports Drag’n’Drop, file transfer queue and multiple simultaneous transfer connections.


Integrated Chat

Helps you communicate with a person who operates a remote computer you are connecting to.


Number of users / computers

Number of connected users and computers is limited by a license. A user may connect as a viewer or admin, or may request remote help.


User Level Roles

All users can be configured as regular user accounts, admins or super admins that can access any computer in the system.


Separate users and computers into groups

Create user groups and assign admins and users to each group. This feature prevents an admin from accessing computers of a different group.


Firewall friendly

CTS Remote Software uses the HTTP/S protocol allowing customers to work safely with the tightest firewalls and proxy servers, without needing to change any settings.


Runs as a Service

Software runs as a service and automatically starts with Windows.


Screen Scaling

Remote screens can be displayed inside a window or full screen with smooth scaling and the original aspect ratio.