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Network Installation


E W System Solutions engineers are fully trained to manufacturer standards to ensure that wireless equipment is installed according to wireless best practices. In addition all our engineers hold a valid Certificate.


Physical Network Installation

Our physical wireless wetwork installation service includes:

  • Cabling to Access Points
  • POE installation
  • Access Point Deployment
  • Controller rack mount

Wireless Service Initiation

Once a wireless LAN is finally installed, it is usually the result of a great deal of planning and preparation. However, it is crucial to validate the performance of the most basic element of wireless communication, RF propagation. Exertis engineers are fully trained to be proficient in Wi-Fi installation and have direct access to the manufacture. We are proficient in using spectrum analysis software to measure and understand sources of wireless and non-wireless interference and to mitigate accordingly.

We execute all necessary testing, post installation, to validate all client devices are working correctly with the new wireless system. We are experienced in using site survey software to validate RF propagation and ensure wireless coverage has been achieved, this includes validation of signal quality versus noise. RF interference may also have emerged since the original survey,


Our Wireless Service Initiation includes:

  • System design
  • Configuration design
  • Controller configuration
  • System go-live
  • Post Deployment Site Survey
  • Connectivity, security and performance testing
  • Full Documentation