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Failed Hard Drive? No Problem!

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  • We offer a completely free, no-obligation 24 hour diagnostic!
  • Receive a file list, report and fixed-fee quote before proceeding!
  • Hard drive recovery rate of 92.5%!

Recovering Data from Hard Drives

Thanks to specialized techniques that have been developed in-house, cutting edge equipment and over a century’s worth of collective experience, Fields are highly adept at hard drive repair! We possess an exceptional success rate and are usually able to recover all data at the first attempt.


Common Reasons for Hard Drive Failure:

Graphic of a hard drive motor with an X symbol
Motor Failure

Where the hard drive fails to spin up due to seized bearings. Commonly the result of physical damage from, for example, being dropped.

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Electrical Failure

Where the Printed Circuit Board becomes damaged and fails to control power and data. This can be caused by component failure, malicious damage or a power surge.

Graphic of a hard drive platter and spindle with an X symbol
Head Failure

The Read/Write Heads in a hard drive can fail for many reasons including the natural failure of components through general wear and tear, damage caused by physical trauma and even from dirt finding its way into the drive.

Graphic of a microchip with an X symbol
Firmware Failure

Firmware is a piece of software that instructs the hard drive. If this software fails, hard drives can behave erratically or, in some cases, will not work at all. Firmware failure can share symptoms with other problems such as head failure or a drive that is not spinning up to the required speed.

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Logical Failure

Logical issues are not physical problems and the hard drive’s physical components are working perfectly, but the data is still inaccessible. Examples of this include deletion, the corruption of data and formatting.


How do we recover data from a Hard Drive?

The techniques that our technicians will utilise will differ depending on the cause of failure. In any event, though, Fields possess the specialist engineers and the state-of-the-art equipment needed to repair your hard drive and fully recover your data.

Whatever the reason for your hard drive having failed, Fields have the expertise and the apparatus needed to get your data back quickly and affordably. Get an approximate quote or book your free diagnostic by emailing or calling us today.